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Kinematic transformations

October 2023
Author: CNC4you
Company: Siemens AG
Kinematic transformations

In the CNC world, kinematic transformations translate the rectangular workpiece coordinate system into the machine coordinate system - even if this is complex and not rectangular.

This means that you can always work with the workpiece coordinates from the drawing - regardless of how the machine implements the machining operation.

Kinematic transformations are therefore important helpers in the background. It is good to know how they "tick".

In the CNC4you portal you will find the appropriate background knowledge - and perhaps also use cases that you have not yet thought of:

  1. Kinematic transformations in face and lateral surface machining - with the topics "Face and lateral surface machining during turning", "Curved and flat pocket bottom", "Radial and parallel-walled slots", "Using the TRAORI and TRANSMIT transformations on milling machines" (from CNC4you e-magazine 2/2022)
  2. Kinematic transformations in 5-axis machining with statically adjusted tools, with the topics "Orientation of the workpiece plane", "Swiveling", "Cycle 800", "Static 5-axis transformation", "Tool alignment and orientation" (from CNC4you e-magazine 1/2023)
  3. Kinematic transformations in 5-axis machining with dynamically adjusted tools - with the topics "5-axis transformation", "Tool-Center-Point (TCP) programming", "Orientation vectors", "Face milling", "Circumferential milling" and "3D radius compensation" (from CNC4you e-magazine 2/2023)
  4. ... will follow in the next CNC4you-eMagazine! To make sure you don't miss this one, it's best to sign up for our newsletter right away: www.siemens.com/cnc4you-newsletter

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