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Japan estimates machine tool sales as being modest

November 2016
Author: Theodora Laser
Company: Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.
Japan estimates machine tool sales as being modest

The world’s machine tool market is in a recessionary phase at present. At least from the perspective of the japanese machine tool industry. According to the Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association (JMTBA) that organize Jimtof 2016 in Tokio, the amount of sales of machine tools over the past two years continues to decrease. The last peak was recorded in 2014 at the mark of converted about 12,8 billion euro due to the strong demand for machine tools for machining smartphone parts such as aluminium frames for “Apple’s iPhone”. That demand has ended 2014 and a recessionary trend had started which continued in 2016.

The American demand that continued the high levels of corporate investment shows a clear lull, while the Chinese economy has slowed down, resulting in stagnation in South East Asia. In Japan, a weak yen benefited equipment investors. The yen is on an upward trend after Britain’s exit from the EU. Nevertheless figures show a standstill in investment. Based on circumstances, JMTBA revised the predicted amount of sales from converted about 13,15 billion euro to about 11,3 billion euro in August.


Bildquelle: VDW


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