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Participant Voices from Mexico

December 2019
Author: vdw_schuetz
Company: Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.
Participant Voices from Mexico

Karla Saldaña (CAPEX & Tooling Purchasing Manager MEX) from the company Nemak Mexico:


Where do we see opportunities for improvement? 

CNC design opportunities affecting overall equipment performance on new technologies and/or new manufacturing concepts. A good and in depth analysis to better understand potential implications and limitations on “new” machining technologies. Equipment and post-sales costs also an opportunity. 


What are they doing right? 

In depth knowledge on equipment manufacturing, robust and reliable equipment on proven technologies. Turnkey capabilities with proven success history. Technical service, foot print support and 4.0 capabilities is a plus.


Where do they exceed expectations? 

Equipment performance and long-term reliability exceeds industry standards. These attributes relate to better quality products, better productivities and longer periods of equipment replacement.  


General opinion on the Symposium? 

Very good organization. It was a good opportunity to get an outlook of the latest manufacturing solutions.

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