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Fresmak Clamping Solutions Blog

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The F-GRIP Clamping by Strong Adhesion had a great success at the EMO Hannover 2019

October 2019
Author: Fresmak Team
Company: Fresmak S.A.
The F-GRIP Clamping by Strong Adhesion had a great success at the EMO Hannover 2019

The F-GRIP, Fresmak’s innovative Clamping by Strong Adhesion, was undoubtedly this year’s main attraction at the company’s booth during the EMO 2019.

While the developments of the system have been showcased in the tradefairs of the last two years, the fixture as well as the work-pieces presented at the EMO Hannover fair draw the attention of the public. Many people came directly to the booth asking for the F-GRIP.

This clamping solution comprises a reversible adhesive and a customized fixture for the work-piece to be clamped. It aims to be the perfect solution for those companies with clamping difficulties, due to either the geometry or the material of the work-piece. The F-GRIP allows to reduce set-ups by a 50%, minimizing cycles and simplifying machining processes. It also improved the quality of the work-piece, which can be machined without changing the reference point and without deformation. This can not be achieved by any other type of clamping.

The F-GRIP clamping solution is funded by the H2020 of the EU. The solution will be marketed in 2020.

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