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EMO debuts: OCM and grinding

September 2019
Author: DWill
EMO debuts: OCM and grinding

Discover the new OCM and grinding functions for the TNC live at EMO 2019!

 The new Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) function gives you an expanded option that allows you to program trochoidal milling for any pocket and island in a shop-friendly manner on the control. All you have to do is enter the contours. The control then automatically calculates the best trochoidal strategy. This allows you to harness highly efficient trochoidal milling processes for a much wider range of workpieces in order to mill with increased productivity and reduced tool wear.

 What’s more, on your machining center with a TNC 640, you’ll soon be able to not only mill and turn in a single setup, but also grind. The new functions for the jig grinding of any contour are programmed in the same operating design as the already familiar machining operations. The control’s optimized tool management capabilities support you in every process, including dressing operations, so that you can give your workpieces the perfect surface finish.


Visit us at EMO:

 HEIDENHAIN                                      Hall 9, Booth I32

TNC Club Lounge                               Hall 9, Booth K32

“industrie 4.0 area”                            Hall 9, Booth F32

Nachwuchsstifung Maschinenbau      Hall 25

(Young Talent Foundation for Mechanical Engineering)      


Discover the new TNC functions

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