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INTZA Lubrication Systems Blog

Gear pumps and accessories for circulation systems

November 2017
Author: Intza Lubrication Systems
Company: Intza Lubrication Systems
Gear pumps and accessories for circulation systems

Intza offers gear pumps and accessories for the use in circulation systems, feeding of progressive distributors, hydrostatic lubrication and other applications.

With a large flow-rate variability (from 0.06 to 2 liters / minute) and driven by an electric motor (single-phase or three-phase), the pumps incorporate a pressure limiting valve that can be regulated according to the characteristics and needs of the lubrication circuit.

With smooth operation and good suction performance, they are suitable for application with mineral and synthetic oils in a wide range of viscosities, providing a constant and permanent flow.

The basic equipment consists of the gear pump, the intermediate flange and the electric motor. In addition, complete lubrication systems of small and medium size can be built with tanks, filters, pressure gauges, etc.