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INTZA Lubrication Systems Blog

Lubrication systems for industrial printing machines

August 2018
Author: Intza Lubrication Systems
Company: Intza Lubrication Systems
Lubrication systems for industrial printing machines

Newspapers and advertising brochures are just two examples of the quickness and robustness requested to industrial printing machines. Fresh news must arrive in time to readers. Commercial promotions can change quickly too due to consumption tendencies or some local events. Therefore,, it is demanded that rotating printing machines can produce a large circulation in a single night.

This is achieved through quick and constant rotating movement. As always when movement involved, an adequate lubrication is necessary in these case too.

Moreover, industrial printing machines have a large number of greasing point. Therefore, benefits of centralization and automation of lubrication are huge for several reasons:

  • Reduction of maintenance time. Access to all points is difficult, in requires much time to do it manually without centralization.
  • Optimization of maintenance costs and lubricant costs. Our centralized systems dose just correct quantities of lubricant. When done manually, a lot of lubricant is wasted.
  • Increase of reliability of the machine, since incorrect lubrication is frequently the hidden reason of many later failures.
  • Clean environment thanks to dosage of lubricant, lots of grease is cumulated otherwise.

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