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Increased Interest in Multi Axis Machiningat EMO

German software developer, SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH has completed a successful EMO 2013 exhibition. Noticeable was an increased interest in multi axis prepositioned and simultaneous machining, with the help of the company's Pictures by PC 3.6 CAD/CAM software.

A clearly evident trend at this year’s exhibition was the growing number of small to medium sized companies now investing in new multi axis milling and mill/turn machinery. With the increased complexity of multi axis parts making manual programming all but redundant, visitors were turning to the machining methods offered by the CAM software from SCHOTT SYSTEME.

Pictures by PC 3.6 CAD/CAM software has long catered for multi axis programming, however a number of new additions were on display at the EMO. These included their new integrated mill/turn suite for live tooling, 5 axis z constant finishing, the double projection of 5 axis engraving toolpaths and enhanced rest material recognition.

To demonstrate the ease of use, components requiring multi axis machining, such as a mini impeller, were programmed and machined live on the stand using a
5 axis COMPAQ3223 CNC machine (supplied by imes-icore).

SCHOTT SYSTEME were also at hand to help keep costs to a minimum, by offering all standard post processors and unlimited support free of charge, without a annual maintenance contract.

SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH continues to develop the same software solution originally launched back in 1983. Starting out as one of the very first vector based graphics packages for the PC, their product 'Pictures by PC' has evolved into one of the most mature CAD/CAM and technical documentation products available today.

Being a fully integrated 2D/3D CAD, CAM and graphics package, Pictures by PC caters for all aspects of workshop machining, through to product design and documentation.

Responsible for the content of this press release: SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH


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