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D-Serie of C.B. Ferrari - Member of the Group

March 2016
Company: Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik WALDRICH COBURG GmbH
D-Serie of C.B. Ferrari - Member of the Group

D Series of C.B. Ferrari


The D-Series is a high speed and high precision PORTAL machining center.

Its cast iron stiff structure express high damping and great dimensional stability, allows the machine to be used for the production of a wide range of complex parts such as dies, moulds and precision components.


The D-Series allows the best accuracy standard required by the market and thanks to the high axes dynamic, it’s able to reach high working speed combined to the highest dimensional precisions.


With the high power and torque of the electro-spindles, designed and built by CBFerrari, on D-Series, it is possible to perform both finishing and roughing process achieving maximum efficiency.


The machine is equipped with an electro-spindle, that can be chosen among a wide range of speed, from 6.500 up to 24.000 RPM


The machine can be either equipped with Siemens 840D-sl or Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC providing a stable, secure and reliable performance with an operator-friendly graphical user interface. C.B.Ferrari proprietary, next generation, performance based tuning system, delivers the fastest cycle times possible.


The strokes are configured with two different longitudinal lengths as 2000 or 3000 mm. The transverse and vertical strokes are respectively on all models, 820 (Y)mm and 820 or the option 1000 (Z) mm.