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Knowledge transfer in full swing

September 2019
Company: Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik WALDRICH COBURG GmbH
Knowledge transfer in full swing

Mr. Andree Behling is the new managing director at WALDRICH COBURG, Hubert Becker will retain his knowledge, and will be available at the holding company.

At WALDRICH COBURG there was a fluent change in management at the beginning of the year. Andree Behling is the new managing director, Hubert Becker remains associated with the company. What will change for the customers? What tasks will Hubert Becker take on? The answers are given in the following short interviews.

Three questions to Andree Behling: 

Andree Behling, you were the Managing Director Technology of WALDRICH COBURG since 01 January 2019, you have been with the company for years, what is your balance sheet like?

For me personally, this is positive. I feel very comfortable in the company. One can even say that I have already made myself at home. In the truest sense of the word. After 10 years in Baden Württemberg, I moved completely from the Stuttgart area to Lichtenfels in May.

On the other hand, there are, of course, some topics on which we are working at full speed. I see through the company, the employees as motivated and open. This makes it easier to make room for the necessary changes. Here I can contribute with my experience from my time before WACO.

Hubert Becker has been with the company for over 50 years, what do you like about your predecessor?

Mr. Becker has shaped the company over this long period of time, but has also gained an uncanny amount of knowledge, especially in terms of technology, development, customers and markets. It is a grand gesture of him to pass this on. I very much appreciate his open nature, his humor and his high level of customer orientation. We regularly exchange information about all kinds of things. It is important to him to communicate. This is the only way to understand the complexity of our business. Sometimes these conversations also speak something of an exciting journey through time. 

What goal have you set yourself for the company over the next few months? What are the challenges of the future?

After a successful restructuring in 2017, it is now time to make the company fit for the future. Incoming orders are good, employment is very good. The task now is to successfully complete the measures that have already been set. The 3-pillar business model consisting of service, standard and project machines has proven to be the right one. All three areas must be stabilized and further expanded. So that one is prepared for market fluctuations, which can always happen (as is currently the case in the automotive industry). Technologically, this means, for example, for the Taurus standard machine to gain a family addition in the form of the Taurus Gemini.  


Three questions to Hubert Becker:

Hubert Becker, you have left WALDRICH COBURG, but remain with the holding company, how important is know-how transfer to you?

Yes, that is true and also corresponds with my plan to arrange the succession. As Managing Director of the holding company, I can pass on my experience and knowledge as best I can, transfer my personal relationships with customers and institutions and provide support in difficult technical issues. This is enormously important for our business and also requires a little time. At the same time, this opens up the possibility of bringing in and implementing new ideas.

What will change for the customers?

The relationship with our customers is of great importance in our business. They always want to be well informed and supported, and they must always be given the feeling that they are in very good hands with us, as a supplier of high-quality machines and services. In many cases, a competent contact person in the management is highly needed for this. This must not change for our customers in the future.

Where do you see your tasks as managing director of the holding company?

WALDRICH COBURG and CB Ferrari belong to the holding company and the holding company is the link to our shareholder. In addition to my supporting activities for WALDRICH COBURG, I am also the highest legal representative of CB Ferrari and also the coordinating tasks with our shareholder willl take up a lot of my time.