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WALDRICH COBURG successfully rebuilds 39-year-old machine.

August 2020
Company: Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik WALDRICH COBURG GmbH
WALDRICH COBURG successfully rebuilds 39-year-old machine.

Our specialists for overhauling 2018 found the machine in individual parts and the task was clear, but a challenge:

The machine, built in 1981, will receive, among other things, a completely new electrical system and a new, modern control system of type Siemens 840D sl, a completely overhauled milling unit and also a modern gantry drive.

This shows that older WALDRICH COBURG machines can be brought up to the latest state of the art with comprehensive modernisation. In this way, we are able to sustainably secure the productivity and success of our customers worldwide and, in addition, conserve natural resources.

Find out more about the options for modernisation, which we also offer for large machines from other manufacturers.


If we have now raised your interest, the Service Team looks forward to your inquiry.

We would be pleased to submit you an offer, also adapted to your machine - no matter whether we have installed it or not.


Stefan Roß   Uwe Klose
Team leader overhaul and modernisation   Head of Service & Retrofit Department
stefan.ross@waldrich-coburg.de   uwe.klose@waldrich-coburg.de
Phone: +49 9561 65-395   Phone: +49 9561 65-610

Accomplished work

  • Modernization of the existing machine control system to Siemens Sinumerik 840 D sl
  • Use of modern feed motors type Siemens 1FT7 and modern absolute linear measuring systems
  • New control cabinets
  • New cables and use of Siemens bus modules
  • Complete overhaul of milling unit F20 and spindle units
  • The longitudinal adjustment of the machine gantry (X-axis) is rebuilt to a modern gantry drive. This ensures an exact parallel position of the gantry for every machining situation. The height adjustment of the cross rail (W axis) is also converted to a gantry drive.
  • Documentation and foundation plans for the new site.