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Perfection in Protection, Licensing, and Security

Licensing and Protection for new Apple M1 chip-based products

January 2021
Author: Wibu-Systems
Licensing and Protection for new Apple M1 chip-based products

macOS developers are heralding the recent launch of Apple’s M1 ARM-based system-on-chip along with Apple’s next generation operating system, Big Sur, that is required to run M1 devices. The miniature silicon based M1 chip promises a dramatic improvement in speed and efficiency and much lower power consumption among its highlights.

Developers will also be happy (but will not be surprised) to know that Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter software protection and licensing system is ready to support the M1-based devices since the end of 2020. In keeping with our 4D interoperability standards (interoperable license containers, interoperable devices, multi-platform support, and back office integration), CodeMeter is designed to run across all platforms and operating systems, including the big three: Windows, Linux, and macOS.

In the new release, CodeMeter 7.20 enables support for the next generation of the macOS as well as continued support for the familiar Intel-based Macs. To prepare for this new release, Wibu-Systems’ engineers have put CodeMeter through rigorous compatibility testing to be sure that users would continue to enjoy the unrivalled ease of use of its licensing system and unbeaten encryption capabilities in the new Mac environment.

With CodeMeter 7.20, CodeMeter Protection Suite has been expanded to include the necessary copy protection libraries into the protected applications on the new ARM-based system. AxProtector can also handle universal binaries with ease and individually protect the application variants contained therein for different platforms, as configured. IxProtector can alternatively be used for more targeted licensing or the encryption of single functions. For the new ARM platform, this only needs a map file to localize the functions to be encrypted.

For software licensing purposes, CodeMeter installs a service on the user’s device to handle the application’s license queries. This is the CodeMeter License Server, and it is now also available as a universal binary that works on either of Apple’s current processor architectures. Developers who prefer a software license, bound to a known device and activated separately – our CmActLicense – can rest assured that the binding of their licenses will remain as strong and solid as they are accustomed to on the new macOS Big Sur. The same is true for binding that relies on device properties on systems with the new M1 processor.

CodeMeter users operating the new Mac systems are advised to update to CodeMeter Runtime 7.20 and CodeMeter Protection Suite 10.70 to enjoy the latest features and capabilities without any further action on their part.


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