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Perfection in Protection, Licensing, and Security

Resilience at the time of COVID-19

March 2020
Author: med_wibu-systems
Resilience at the time of COVID-19

The emergency triggered by the Corona virus pandemic is dominating not just the news but also every aspect of our private and business lives in unprecedented ways. All corners of the globe are simultaneously called upon to face the greatest challenge of recent times. While the healthcare systems and the lawmakers around the world are being put to the test, companies are coping with more stringent restrictions and adjusting day by day to this ongoing crisis. Even though the situation is rapidly evolving and making it difficult to develop long term plans, Wibu-Systems is taking the necessary measures to protect its staff, its customers, its partners, and its suppliers. 

Wibu-Systems is strictly following the guidelines and recommendations put forth by the responsible governments in each of the countries where we have our own offices, and by the World Health Organization.

Wibu-Systems continues to supply its customers with CodeMeter and WibuKey dongles as scheduled. Cloud and hosting services are fully operational. Professional consulting, sales, and marketing services remain available. And our development teams continue to focus on the next generation of technological innovations.

Wibu-Systems is doing its part to limit the spread of the virus transmission by restricting business travel especially to the areas at risk, encouraging employees to report if they have been exposed to risks in their private lives, and offering smart working options, still under the most secure IT communication conditions.

Here below you can find additional answers to common questions we have recently received:

Does Wibu-Systems have a Business Continuity Plan?

Wibu-Systems maintains a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan that focuses on preparedness, resilience, and recovery in response to events that may have a negative impact on our employees, customers, and global business operations. Inherent in our risk management strategy is the ability to implement safeguards and procedures to mitigate threats and maintain essential business processes, communications, and support with minimal disruption to customer services. We are diligently following these procedures in the face of the current crisis.

Has the availability of CmDongles and WibuBoxes been affected by this emergency? 

Currently, lead times for CmDongles and WibuBoxes are unchanged. 

  • Customers, especially those who need custom parts, are urged to provide their forecasts as soon as possible. This data will allow us to plan our production and meet your delivery expectations. Wibu-Systems is doing its part to offer efficient service but cannot exclude delays due to transportation, customs, and other issues outside of our control that may occur as more and more countries are involved in a lock down.
  • Final assembly and testing operations are executed at our headquarters as always. Thanks to the highly automated systems we employ, only a very small work force is necessary to run such operations. 
  • We work with electronics manufacturers in Taiwan, China, and Germany. As of today, all our external supply sources are fully operational.
  • We have increased our stock of semi-finished products at our headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany and are able to fulfill all orders for several months even if we were to experience delays in the supply chain in the foreseeable future. 

Are cloud based products like CodeMeter License Central or CmCloud impacted by this crisis?

  • No, the external ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data centers with whom we collaborate have solid Business Continuity Plans and are operating without any disruption of service.
  • Our maintenance and support teams are keeping up with all expected tasks.

Are Sales, Support, and Professional Services still available?

  • Yes, the full team remains ready to offer our highly qualified expertise remotely, whether they are operating from their home offices or from our official premises. Team members are equipped with softphones and can be reached by using the same contact phone numbers you are familiar with. Alternatively, you can send an email to:
  • Since the health and welfare of employees (yours and ours) and society at large is a top priority, we will employ the use of web meetings and remote desktop connections to provide services as needed. Onsite support will be limited to exceptional cases.

We sincerely hope that the spread of COVID-19 will end soon and that people around the world will be able to resume their safe and normal life as quickly as possible. In the meantime, feel free to reach your local Wibu-Systems sales representative for additional clarifications and updates.

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