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2D multisensor technology: tailormade solutions for your measurement tasks WM1

August 2021
Author: DHSM
Company: Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH
2D multisensor technology: tailormade solutions for your measurement tasks WM1

Are you looking for a measuring microscope that combines the best of two worlds? Then discover the benefits of Schneider’s Optical & Multisensor Measuring devices for the shop floor and the measurement room!

Schneider’s WM1 measuring microscopes excel across the board: They measure up to exacting standards not only in large groups of companies, but also score high in medium-sized enterprises as well as in small businesses. This is far from surprising because they come in many different sizes with variable technical features, optional equipment and a favourable price/performance ratio so that they can be perfectly configured to suit specific customer and business needs. All devices in the WM1 series are robust, precise and designed with attention to the last detail.

  • Do you prefer a low-budget version, or do you need a model with large-surface measurement capabilities?
    Whatever type of device you require, Schneider Messtechnik is sure to offer a high-tech solution that will fill your bill: made to measure, highly flexible, consistently accurate and precise, with a focus on intuitive handling and, last but not least, customised to suit your budget!
  • Are you dealing with varying ambient temperatures that make it difficult for you to obtain reproducible measurement results on the shop floor?
    A solution is nigh: All WM1 machines feature a robust granite base and thus boast an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient to ensure reliable measurement in any environment!
  • How about fully automatic CNC-controlled measurement processes in all three axes?
    The measurement stages of Schneider’s WM1 machines are available with CNC control or with manual control and adjustment features. The pallet measurement option afforded by WM1 boosts throughput and will help you, too, in saving lots of time and money.
  • Would you like to take speed to new levels?
    No problem at all with WM1! Its high-resolution camera, which has been brought up to an entirely new standard, now features a field of view 9 times larger than before and thus adds value to measurement in many ways.
    WM1 is extremely customisable and future-proof so that even collaborating robots (so-called cobots) can be effectively and efficiently integrated into workflows. If you would like to see for yourself how integration of a cobot can virtually work wonders, please feel free to click the link below and watch our topical video to witness the commissioning of an automated sorting facility. We optimised cobot integration interfaces with a view to boosting measurement speed and enhancing process stability. In doing so, we have also completely eliminated manual reading and sorting errors:
 Link to video 
Are you ready for high-performance software SAPHIR?
  • This technological gem, high-quality measurement and analysis software SAPHIR, is integrated in all Schneider measurement technologies. You can thus expand and scale up your fleet of machinery at any time with only minimum induction and training effort.
  • Your workpieces are very large and measure up to 700 x 1500 mm?
    If so, the WM1 Gantry series will be your reliable partner of choice! Whether it’s stamped parts, milled parts, plastic parts, rubber parts or printed circuit boards, the machines in the WM1 Gantry series ensure accurate and precise high-tech measurement with integrated image processing features.
  • You need to measure profiles or unknown contours? And non-contact measurement is your method of choice?
    Then our triangulation laser may be of interest to you. It is available as an extra option ensuring fast automated contour tracking in the Z-axis. Enhanced collision protection and reverse engineering are further benefits:
  • … and perhaps the most (in)valuable extra asset:
    From initial consultation to after-sales support and the development of smart solutions designed to tackle special measurement tasks or challenges: With Schneider, you can rely on a personal approach to your needs and a dedicated person to get in touch with. As our liaison officers work in close contact with our technology, support and development teams, your personal consultant will be uniquely familiar with your needs so that you can count on them to provide advice and assistance in all metrological questions that matter to you – fast, to the point and with a view to providing the best value for money.

All of the above is summarised and further illustrated in our product video on the WM1 and WM1 G series: Highly flexible workshop microscopes.


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