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Congratulations to the winner of the chistmasquiz 2021 of IndustryArena

January 2022
Author: DHSM
Company: Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH
Congratulations to the winner of the chistmasquiz 2021 of IndustryArena

After several years of presence on the IndustryArena forum, Schneider was pleased to be among the sponsors of the Christmas Quiz held in December 2021.

The quiz met with great participation, and we are delighted to announce that we have just picked the lucky winner among all those who found the correct answer to the brain teaser posted by Schneider Messtechnik. The winner can now look forward to the quiz prize that is leaving our headquarters to embark on its 80 km trip to Darmstadt.

The prize package includes, among other things, a kit of vitamin tablets from the Sophia Kallinowsky Foundation, medical masks in Schneider design, 5 Corona antigen self-tests, hand disinfectant as well as a multi-tool survival kit for the somewhat different challenges in the pandemic, or if it may be a little warming up in the local temperatures: a large cup for an aromatic coffee or tea.

We are still happy about the huge number of participants in our quiz. So thank you to everyone – we look forward to welcoming you back to another quiz round in December 2021!

By the way:
In our product film”Fast optical intramedullary nail measurement with the WMM series” we present the wobble compensation patented by Schneider Messtechnik for eccentricities and wobbling.
What is the clear advantage of optical measuring technology over the purely tactile measuring methods of conventional coordinate measuring machines?

1) Optical measurement has a clear speed advantage over tactile measurement.
2) The light irradiation discolours the workpiece.
3) The fast, optical measurement can deform the workpiece.
4) If the wobble moves within the field of view, it does not need to be compensated.

Would you have known? You can find the resolution in our product film. Have fun watching!

Your team of
Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH – SIMPLY PRECISE


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