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Schneider Messtechnik is celebrating its 75th company anniversary

June 2021
Author: DHSM
Company: Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH
Schneider Messtechnik is celebrating its 75th company anniversary

This year’s anniversary of Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH not only marks yet another milestone in the company’s long history of continued success, but also casts a limelight on 75 years of tradition and experience that are sought and valued more than ever in today’s fast-changing environment. Throughout the 75 years of its existence, Schneider has mastered every challenge which manifold changes in the economy, in politics, culture and, last but not least, the corona crisis have brought about. 75 years and still going strong: Our commitment to quality and innovation knows neither limits nor borders, so we never rest on our laurels! Thanks to a great team of dedicated professionals, we have been able to grow and evolve into what we are today. Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity and extend a heartfelt THANKS to our team as well as to our long-standing clients and partners for their tireless trust and spirit of cooperation.

75 Years of Metrology Made by Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH

In 1946, when graduate businessman Dr. Heinrich Schneider founded “Dr. Heinrich Schneider Optotechnische Fabrik“ in Bad Kreuznach (Germany), the company’s initial production portfolio was exclusively comprised of high-quality eyeglass lenses sold under the private label of Dr. Schneider as well as of small optical devices. It was thus already at this time that the foundation for the company’s future core competency in optical measurement technology were laid. In 1973, today’s owners of parent company Allit AG Kunststofftechnik acquired the company, which since that time has been operating under the name of Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH. The new manufacturing programme, which included profile and measurement projectors (optical comparators), fostered and accelerated the company’s rise to become a leading manufacturer of measuring devices and machines with an excellent global reputation for quality and innovation. The company’s relocation to the larger premises of Rotlay-Mühle in 1976 opened up ample opportunities for driving the company’s further growth and expansion beyond German borders. With wise planning, Schneider successfully tapped into new markets so that by 1984 internationalisation had become a matter of course. In 1996, Schneider Messtechnik celebrated its 50th anniversary and was also the first company in the field of metrology to be certified to DIN/ISO 9001. Only one year later, in 1997, Schneider Messtechnik had reason to celebrate another milestone: The combination of optical and tactile metrology in one single measuring machine rang in the birth of Schneider’s multisensor measuring machines. In 2001, Schneider Messtechnik was honoured with the coveted Q1 supplier award bestowed by Ford Motor Company – the award of this prize filled Schneider with both joy and pride. It was again only one year later that Schneider was granted extension of the DIN/ISO 9001-2000 certification. In 2009, Schneider was presented with the “TOP 100 Innovator” award for being recognised as a highly innovative medium-sized company. Still in the same year, Schneider again impressively demonstrated its core competency in optical measurement technology by launching its precision laser target PLT2, a device specially developed for Modern Pentathlon events. The underlying idea had been to replace the hitherto used air pistols by state-of-the-art laser pistols. Schneider’s expertise in metrology thus led to the development of a leading-edge optical laser target system that was soon officially approved for use in all international competitions. In the following year, in 2010, Schneider was again honoured with the TOP 100 Innovator” award for being a highly innovative medium-sized company. Three years later, Schneider was presented with the “Success 2013” Innovation Award bestowed by the federal German state of Rhineland-Palatinate in recognition of particularly innovative processes, products and services. The ISO 9001-2008 certification followed soon after.

In 2016, right on time for its 70th anniversary, Schneider Messtechnik acquired and integrated company Unger Software Systeme GmbH with a view to ensuring the consistent future evolution of Schneider’s in-house developed technological gem, namely measurement and analysis software SAPHIR, thus laying the solid foundations for future-oriented automation and Industry 4.0. In 2017, the first-time certification of Schneider’s quality management system was extended by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with ISO 9001-2015, and only two years later the next milestone was on the horizon: Precision laser target PLT2 turned 10 years old, with organisers of prestigious sporting events around the world, including the IOC (International Olympic Committee), relying on its top-notch performance. Tried and tested technology from Bad Kreuznach has thus come to set global standards and has ever since supported the UIPM (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne) as a trustworthy partner in Modern Pentathlon and laser run events.

Over the 75 years of its existence, Schneider Messtechnik has made an excellent name for itself as a leading supplier of optical, tactile and multisensor measuring technology. Our unique know-how and experience helps renowned companies worldwide to enhance their quality processes and drive long-term corporate success – with no end in sight. Our clients’ success is our mission. Therefore, we will remain by your side, too, whenever and wherever in the world you need us.

75 years of Schneider Messtechnik and counting: We are at your service!

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