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Across the pond – Foundation of DVS TECHNOLOGY AMERICA, Inc.

March 2016
Author: Marc Hain
Across the pond – Foundation of DVS TECHNOLOGY AMERICA, Inc.

All over the world, wherever gearboxes, engines and powertrains passenger cars and commercial verhicles are manufactured for the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP would like to be on hand to support customers with expert specialists in the field of technology, service and sales. In order to achieve this goal, the company has been pursuing a strategy of consistent and long term internationalisation for years now, which it is now pushing on the North American market through the recently founded sales company DVS TECHNOLOGY AMERICA Inc.. Following DVS TECHNOLOGY (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. in China, DVS TECHNOLOGY AMERICA Inc. is the second company within the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP to be set up outside Europe.

Based in Plymouth near Detroit in the US state of Michigan – and thus at the heart of the US American automotive industry – the new DVS company will mastermind and expand the activities of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP and its companies on the North American market, which is growing at an above-average rate. “Particularly the combination of various technologies from the fields of turning, gearing and grinding, as well as the integrated, group-spanning manufacturing concepts of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP are opening up completely new potentials in terms of quality and efficiency for the North American automotive industry.”, says Ralf-Georg Eitel, Managing Director of DVS TECHNOLOGY AMERICA, Inc.. At the same time, the company will continue the policy of intensive cooperation with the established service and sales partners of the individual DVS companies.

Bernd Rothenberger, Chief Sales Officer of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, summarises the opening of the new sales company as follows: “By creating a local presence in North America, which concentrates the expertise of the individual DVS companies and supports local customers with tailor-made technology and service solutions, the DVS GROUP is continuing its transition from an exporting enterprise to one which has international roots – in line with our strategy of internationalisation.”