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Gears in the robot industry

September 2019
Author: Sabine Matter

Gears in the robot industry

PITTLER solves apparent conflict of objectives


The robotics industry is becoming increasingly intelligent and the global trend to automate and digitize production is growing. We at PITTLER meet the challenges of achieving exact positioning accuracy combined with high dynamics in all robot applications.


During the development of drives for jointed-arm robots, low-backlash gears with a high torsional stiffness are selected, making high-quality manufacturing technology necessary. There are different procedures for this worldwide, depending on the type of gearbox.


The PITTLER PV 315 SkiveLine implements a machining strategy that does not negatively influence the shape and position quality and even leads to a further improvement of this. The PITTLER PV 315 SkiveLine thus solves the conflict between reducing manufacturing costs and improving quality.


Visit our booth C 46 in hall 17 at EMO 2019 and let us explain our strategy in detail live. In addition, we will show you how, in addition to external gears, internally geared housings can also be completely machined on our machine.