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Hightly technical and automated warehouse logistics

2017-09-19 15:54 | 66 calls
Times are definitely over when packers had to put goods in racking systems at defined locations manually or by means of fork-lift trucks and to take them out later on for order picking and dispatch. Storage and dispatch are increasingly becoming factors for the success of a company. But what are the requirements a modern storage and dispatch system must fulfil so that it still meets all demands in the next years?

The heart of the new logistics centre is the cube, an enormous at first glance extremely confusing multi-level shelving system and framework of countless metal bars and girders with an integrated multidirectional shuttle rail system and a high number of lifts. And here it is organised chaos.

The cube has 24,000 mobile self-organising storage locations at several levels on top of each other. Here the shuttles that carry small plastic trays with the products to be shipped automatically roll through the "labyrinth" of metal bars and girders. Asophisticated traffic control software maximises the system throughput and minimises the order processing time.

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