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MPDV Mikrolab Blog

Industrial Internet of Things

January 2020
Author: MPDV
Company: MPDV Mikrolab GmbH
Industrial Internet of Things

Component of the "Smart Factory Elements" model

Being an integral part of the control loop of the "Smart Factory Elements" model, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ensures that shop floor data is collected and made available where it is required. The IIoT element also includes real-time critical shop floor applications.

Connecting the shop floor

Applications of the IIoT element are characterized by their proximity to shop floor processes. The main tasks of these applications are to connect machines, plants and test equipment and to provide information for operators. MPDV combines these applications in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA. In particular for complex assembly processes, HYDRA Dynamic Manufacturing Control (DMC) provides supporting functions for worker guidance and to connect peripherals (e.g. screwdrivers with torque control). The IIoT element also includes functions for the digital distribution of NC programs and setting data with HYDRA-DNC.


The MES HYDRA already meets most of the requirements that the "Smart Factory Elements" model places on a modern IIoT tool. MPDV will gradually extend existing and develop new applications by using edge computing where necessary.

Quick reminder: Smart Factory Elements

The "Smart Factory Elements" model stipulates that production is planned (Planning & Scheduling) based on specifications from different sources and this planning is then implemented or executed (Execution). The collected data is analyzed (Analytics) in order to make predictions (Prediction) which, together with other findings, can then be integrated in planning. The Industrial Internet of Things supports this cycle by collecting and providing data.

(Image source: MPDV)

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