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MPDV Mikrolab Blog

Industry solution for the electronics manufacturing

March 2020
Author: MPDV
Company: MPDV Mikrolab GmbH
Industry solution for the electronics manufacturing

The electronics industry places special demands on production IT. With HYDRA for Electronics, MPDV offers a solution that perfectly meets these demands.

MPDV’s industry solution HYDRA for Electronics combines the standard functions of a manufacturing execution system (MES) with the requirements of the electronics industry and thereby supports the workflows in the PCB assembly perfectly. The system considers all important challenges of the electronics manufacturing like material handling, production workflows and quality assurance.

Easy connection of placement machines

An MES in the electronics assembly must be able to connect placement machines. HYDRA for Electronics can do this and directly handles all relevant data from the machines' subsystems. So far, placement machines of ASM SIPLACE, Mycronic and Fuji were successfully connected.

Integration of assembly and supporting processes

You use HYDRA for Electronics to integrate not only typical production processes like placement; at the same time you can map all kinds of supporting processes or upstream and downstream steps. HYDRA supports the connection of injection molding machines producing housing parts and assists in mounting PCBs into a housing. In particular during assembly, flexible operator instructions by HYDRA prove to be very useful. The functions developed as part of the Dynamic Manufacturing Control (DMC) provide precise instructions for the employee in production and support an immediate control of the work steps performed. After a short induction phase, the employees are able to perform complex assembly processes.

Connecting test equipment

The electronics manufacturing is characterized by highly complex processes and automated inspections are common. Among these are the automatic optical inspection (AOI) or the in-circuit-test (ICT). You can directly connect these inspection devices to HYDRA for Electronics. This means, the inspection results are automatically available for further processing and smooth workflows are guaranteed.

Calculating First Pass Yield made easy

The most important KPI in electronics production is probably the First Pass Yield (FPY). This KPI informs about the pass rate of assembled units after the first production run – without repair or rework. HYDRA for Electronics calculates this KPI and provides the relevant evaluations. The users can see at a glance how well the production of the current article is running.

▶ Download | Press kit: HYDRA for Electronics industry solution (.zip)

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