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MPDV Mikrolab Blog

New mApps for the MIP

October 2019
Author: MPDV
Company: MPDV Mikrolab GmbH
New mApps for the MIP

Ecosystem of the Manufacturing Integration Platform keeps growing

Ecosystems such as the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) thrive on the diversity of partners and available applications. Using MPDV's MIP, manufacturers, software developers, engineering companies, and system integrators have the possibility to add their own apps to the ecosystem, use existing apps, and combine them as they please.

mApps by partners

The spectrum of available applications is extensive and ranges from data collection, visualization and analysis to the connection of other platforms. For example, the Berlin-based company Lana Labs connects its own "Process Mining" application to the MIP. This application can be used for the analysis of potential cost savings in manufacturing. Another example: Aucobo offers an mApp for the presentation and recording of current production information on smartwatches. Additionally, Arkite develops an application for the efficient execution of order picking and assembly work.

mApps by MPDV

MPDV also offers their own mApps for the ecosystem. This includes a flexible Information Dashboard, various analysis tools for quality assurance, and the mApp Digital Production Meeting for the digitalization of the planning, execution, and documentation of meetings in the production environment.

You can find further information on the MIP.

► Download Press kit: MIP mApps(.zip)

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