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MPDV Mikrolab Blog

Safe Investment in Manufacturing IT

September 2020
Author: MPDV
Company: MPDV Mikrolab GmbH
Safe Investment in Manufacturing IT

Investments need to be well considered – that also goes for software in the production environment. To this end, MPDV has developed the online tool ROI Analyzer: It provides an easy and quick way for manufacturing companies to calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) before implementing one.

Regardless of the economic situation, it is beneficial to know the profitability of a planned investment in advance. "With the ROI Analyzer, decision-makers can be confident about their investments," says Jürgen Petzel, Vice President Sales at MPDV. The free ROI Analyzer of MPDV provides an overview of the savings that can be achieved in specific areas or throughout the company by implementing defined MES functions. "Simply enter selected business parameters and estimate possible savings. The ROI Analyzer precisely calculates the potentials and evaluates them in euros," explains Jürgen Petzel. "The tool integrates the relevant aspects such as lead times, machine productivity, personnel efficiency and quality."

If you wish so, we can send you an extensive ROI report by e-mail, which can also be used for a subsequent MES implementation project.

Also available in English

The ROI Analyzer is also available for companies outside Germany. Thanks to an English language version, globally operating companies and groups can benefit and check the profitability of a planned MES implementation beforehand.

ROI-Analyzer: http://mpdv.info/pmroi

Download: Press Kit ROI-Analyzer (.zip)



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