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Tooling News: AC6020M - Coated grade for stainless steel turning

November 2016
Author: SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hartmetall GmbH
Company: SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hartmetall GmbH
Tooling News: AC6020M - Coated grade for stainless steel turning

The new high toughness substrate AC6020M is a CVD coated grade with "Absotech Platinum" technology and covers a more extensive range of applications of AC610M from continuous to light interrupted cutting. The "Platinum Absotech" technology reduces the internal stress of coating. 

Due to the excellent adhesion AC6020M achieves a high resistance against cutting edge chippings and enables a very stable cutting edge. There is a very good balance between wear resistance and toughness of the substrate. With the three chipbreakers NEF, NEG and NEM in combination with the grade AC6020M Sumitomo offers an wide range for stainless steel machining.

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