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Precision tools product innovations 2021-1 - turning, drilling, threading, milling - Walter Tools

2021-11-15 10:00 | 157 calls
– Can be used universally with all ISO materials
– Low inventory costs
– Comprehensive range: With corner radii, protective chamfer, plain shank and Weldon shank
– Long tool life thanks to high-performance grade WK40EA
– Regrindable in all Walter Reconditioning Centres with performance guarantee

– Cost-effective, precise machining
– Tool life increased by 20 to 200 times (compared to conventional solid carbide tools on the market)
– Reduced cutting forces and minimal vibration tendency thanks to optimised geometries
– Excellent surfaces
– Shortest machining times thanks to high cutting speeds and a high number of teeth
– Low cutting tool material costs thanks to extremely long tool life
– Possibility of reconditioning and/or reconfiguration

BENEFITS FOR YOU (MD266 Supreme, MC267 Advance)
MD266 Supreme
– Can be used universally for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing
– Highest machining rates and process reliability
– Low-vibration thanks to special geometry

MC267 Advance
– Can be used universally for roug

BENEFITS FOR YOU (Xtra·tec®XT M5004)
– Optimum cutting data and tool life for maximum productivity
– Maximum process reliability thanks to high stability
– Perfectly adapted to the machining operation due to different indexable insert sizes, corner designs and geometries
– Lower tool costs and minimised effort thanks to universal usability
– Maximum cost-efficiency thanks to Tiger·tec® cutting tool materials, high number of teeth and low cutting tool material costs

– High level of cost-efficiency and productivity thanks to negative basic shape with double the number of cutting edges
– Long tool life on materials with a tendency to stick (adhesion) thanks to optimised surface roughness
– Machines unstable components or components with long overhangs with no problems due to low cutting pressure
– Improved chip breaking (even with lead-free materials, e.g. CuZn21Si3P) thanks to chip breaker protrusions and highly positive cutting edges

BENEFITS FOR YOU (Walter ISO N Solutions in Grooving and Turning)
– Effective chipformation due to lasered chip former
– Profitability due to 4 high-positive cutting edges
– Productive grooving solution for lead-free materials

– Long tool life and high process reliability thanks to newly developed, patent-pending
– Suitable for any application thanks to a range of different variants
– High thread quality thanks to the technological advantages of thread forming

– Maximum process reliability thanks to very short chip breaking in unalloyed steels
– High level of centring accuracy thanks to new geometry with optimised thinner web
– Specially designed for long overhangs: Holemaking without pilot drilling up to 10×D
– Maximum tool life in stable conditions – thanks to new grade WPP25
– Best surface quality and wear detection thanks to the light-coloured top layer

– Maximum process reliability up to 10×D
– Increase in the tool life due to coolant outlet directly on the cutting edge
– Reliable chip evacuation due to ground and polished flutes
– Hardened and polished surface offers a long tool life and protection against friction

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