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Robust high-performance swivel unit defines new benchmarks in power density, durability, commissioning and maintenance

The high-performance swivel unit SCHUNK SRM has what it takes to become a new standard in pneumatic swiveling of up to 180°. Compared to the existing pneumatic swivel units on the market, the powerful module scores with a hitherto unique combination of high torques and moments of inertia at short swivel times, large center bore, robust bearings, and at the same time slim interfering contours. For the development of the high-performance module, SCHUNK has used the latest simulation technologies enabling for the first time that data such as reaction forces, pressure sequences, impact speeds, kinetic energies, and drive energies are entered. New dampers and special piston seals, and a Viton-/FKM seal form the basis for the hitherto unique performance package and high robustness. The rotary module is therefore also suitable for use in environments with aggressive media. Both in axial and radial directions, the bearing is pre-tensioned without any clearance, enabling particularly high torques and transverse forces to be absorbed. As the inner dampers have already pre-adjusted, usually only the restrictors need to be set during commissioning before production can begin. When the inner shock absorbers are changed, both the swiveling angle and the damper stroke adjustment remain intact, meaning maintenance work is carried out with exceptional speed.

Optionally with media feed-through

With the SCHUNK SRM, systems can be made smaller, cycle times reduced and both precision and service life increased. The high power density offers the perfect pre-requisites for particularly compact and at the same time efficient solutions. The consistent structure of the swivel unit provides a customized design at an unrivaled price-performance ratio. The exceptionally large center bore allows the feeding through of pneumatic, as well as pre-assembled cables with integrated connectors. The pneumatic or electric media feed-through makes it even more convenient: If the pneumatic media feed-through is used, the large center bore keeps fully intact. For the electric media feed-through, the sensor cables can be inserted directly into the module. In so doing, colored coding on the plug connector simplifies commissioning and allocation of the signals. If despite every precaution the cable should break, individual cables are also replaceable without having to replace the entire media feed-through. The high-performance SCHUNK SRM swivel unit will initially be available in the sizes 14, 16, 25, and 40 for swiveling angles of 0°/180° and 0°/90°. The end position is adjustable (+/- 3°). In size 40, torques of up to 24 Nm and moments of inertia of up to 7 kgm2 can be achieved. That is 25% higher torque than the previous top model the SCHUNK SRU-plus. Additional sizes and options are already in planning.

SCHUNK at Motek 2018: Hall 7, Booth 7218

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