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SprutCAM Blog

ACCENTform decides on SprutCAM

April 2011
Author: Stefanie Henkel
Company: Datentechnik Reitz GmbH & Co. KG
ACCENTform decides on SprutCAM
The company ACCENTform produces mostly custom- and single made products in their headquarters in Nienstätt near Stadthagen. Design and construction are supported by the latest production processes. ACCENTform is a leading company for machining fibre composite parts. A CNC Robotic machining centre (simultanous 7 axis machining) enables handling of parts up to 15m lenght and a surface of 120m2. ACCENTform used for programming CAD/CAM software from Datentechnik Reitz.

Already after 2 days training, a simultaneous 5 axis machining programm could be created. SprutCAM creates a robotic NC code, which could be read by the milling robotic and converted directly into a toolpath. Via iges or different interfaces, data can be transferred directly.

Reasonable pricing was not least a key factor for ACCENTforms decision for SprutCAM. With an investment of appr. 5000 Euro – ACCENTform could start with 5 axis machining.

A special interest of ACCENTform was the possibility to simulate NC programming including display of tool and holder. SprutCAM shows complete machine model and enables a simulation of the same.

Links: www.accentform.com