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SprutCAM Blog

SprutCAM simultaneous 5axle machining – powered by Module Works

October 2011
Author: Stefanie Henkel
Company: Datentechnik Reitz GmbH & Co. KG
SprutCAM simultaneous 5axle machining  – powered by Module Works SprutCAM simultaneos 5-axle machining offers various functions for an effective work of complex simultaneous parts. SprutCAM enables programming directly with the machine model. That means a constant overview concerning eventual collision or limits.

Now SprutCAM integrated ModuleWorks perfectly. During this year´s EMO fair in Hannover– official contract was signed. Photo shows: Mr. Andreas Reitz, manager of Datentechnik Reitz, Mr. Yavuz Martezaoglu from ModuleWorks and Mr. Yuri Vishnevsky from SprutCAM.

SprutCAM´s advantages for simultaneous 5axle machining…
  • avoiding collisions
  • different strategies
  • milling of solid, surfaces, STL
  • 3-,4-,5-axle strategies
  • roughing functions
  • impeller processing
  • processing of blades
  • recognition of residual material for simultaneous 5-axle milling
  • user-defined starting points

ModuleWorks is a leading provider of CAD/CAM software components, providing 3 Axis machining, 5 Axis machining and CNC simulation technology as used by many of the leading CAM systems and specialist manufacturing companies. That means – functionality of the 5axle core is identical with nearly all CAM suppliers. This applies as well for the surface. Only differences may be the different price, as well as integration with the software of the CAM suppliers. SprutCAM integrated Moduleworks perfectly!

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