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Beckhoff Automation Blog

Beckhoff at Automotive Testing Expo 2019

May 2019
Author: Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
Company: Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
Beckhoff at Automotive Testing Expo 2019

Revolutionising the construction of test equipment: system-integrated high-end measurement technology

With the EtherCAT measurement modules from the ELM series, Beckhoff is presenting high-performance measurement technology that integrates itself directly into the control system at the Automotive Testing Expo 2019. The ELM modules are extremely accurate, fast, robust and support a wide range of applications in automotive test environments that could previously only be implemented with expensive special devices. In addition to the basic line for highly dynamic applications, Beckhoff is bringing an inexpensive device line onto the market – the new economy series – for highly precise measurements with low dynamics. Further highlights at the Beckhoff trade show booth are the software tools TwinCAT Analytics for complete data logging and fast analysis, and TwinCAT Vision for the integration of image processing into the control platform. .

Visit our experts in hall 10 and see for yourself the benefits of industrial measurement technology for your ultra-modern and competitive test bench solution!

Integrated into the cloud: the Beckhoff measuring chain

A complete measuring chain offers the optimum intermeshing of hardware and software modules:

        • sensor connection to I/O modules in IP 20 and IP 67
        • high-performance fieldbus systems: EtherCAT and EtherCAT G
        • TwinCAT on-premises software integrates engineering, PLC, motion control, safety, visualisation, communication and measurement technology
        • cloud connection integrated in the controller

Integrated into the cloud: the Beckhoff measuring chain

Beckhoff measurement technology: the right device class for every application

Beckhoff meets widely differing requirements in industrial measurement technology with different device lines and system components. Both slow procedures at intervals of one second and dynamic procedures in the kHz range have to be measured in process sequences and testing tasks. The signals to be measured also differ depending on the application: from voltage and current to vibration and force measurements, among others. The Beckhoff measurement technology system is perfectly suited for a wide range of these tasks. Conceived as an IP 20 system, it reads in the sensor signals from its location in the control cabinet. Ideally placed as a supplement to already existing EtherCAT-based Beckhoff terminal systems, the ELM modules measure processcritical measuring channels for which the standard analog technology of the EL/KL systems – with a measuring accuracy of 0.3% or a measuring rate of 1 kSps – is inadequate.
► EtherCAT measurement modules

Beckhoff Messtechnik: für jeden Einsatz die richtige Geräteklasse

TwinCAT Vision: integration of image processing in the controller

With TwinCAT Vision Beckhoff integrates image processing systems into the PC-based controller. From detection and measurement to identification and quality control, image processing tasks are solved directly in the PLC. The engineering is considerably simplified through the integration of TwinCAT Vision into the familiar software environment. The image files saved by the Vision system with a time stamp are recognised by the TwinCAT Scope View. In the Scope the user can not only see the image, but also recognise what was happening in the machine controller at the time when the image was captured.
► TwinCAT Vision

TwinCAT Vision: Integration der Bildverarbeitung in die Steuerung

TwinCAT Analytics: complete data logging and fast analysis

A software tool for the complete logging of data and a fast and valid data analysis is available in TwinCAT Analytics. Through the interaction with the TwinCAT Scope View charting tool, an intuitively operable user interface is available for the graphic display of the analysis results. The data are streamed by MQTT directly from the machine or via a database into the analysis software. Significant results can be dragged into the charting tool by drag and drop and marked in the data stream.
► TwinCAT Analytics

TwinCAT Analytics: lückenlose Datenaufzeichnung und schnelle Analyse


Site Plan Automotive Testing Expo

Automotive Testing Expo

21. – 23.05.2019
Hall 10, Booth 1512


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