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Beckhoff Automation Blog

C6030 and C6032 specified for XTS

May 2021
Author: Beckhoff Automation
Company: Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
C6030 and C6032 specified for XTS

 Both Industrial PCs enable the operation of up to 100 movers
An Industrial PC from Beckhoff with the TwinCAT 3 automation software is used as a central component for the control of the XTS linear transport system. The data are processed centrally on this PC according to the principle of PC-based control technology. This gives the user various advantages.

On the one hand, a diagnosis and a demand-based real-time coupling of the functions of a production process with the hardware can be executed very simply using a variety of function blocks. On the other hand, the data offer a good basis for predictive maintenance.

Specific configurations of the Beckhoff Industrial PCs are available depending on the length of the travel path, the number of movers and further general application requirements. The existing product portfolio for the XTS has now been expanded by the ultra-compact C6030 and C6032 Industrial PCs.

Both Industrial PCs enable the operation of up to 100 movers with a maximum circular travel path of 12 m (C6030) or 24 m (C6032) respectively. The scalable C603x series offers maximum computing power in what is currently the most compact format with a wide range of options for installation in the control cabinet.

Further information
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