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5 Benefits of 5-Axis Machining

April 2020
Author: linchiang
Company: Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
5 Benefits of 5-Axis Machining

5-axis simultaneous machining centre can help manufacturers save time and money. The three linear axes and two additional swivelling, titling or rotary axes on table or headstock allows cutting tool to approach the part from all directions. This can enhance machining efficiency and reduce multiple setups. And finally, improve the machining accuracy. 

The five major benefits of 5-axis simultaneous machining:

Complicated Part

5-axis machine can machine complex part in high quality. Additional axes allow the cutting tool to approach part with agility and flexibility. 5-axis simultaneous machining can do the 3D and contour machining in one go to increase the productivity and save on manpower costs.

Reduce Setup Time

Traditionally, 3-axis machine needs multiple setups to machine the complicated part. This is time-consuming and high cost. Fortunately, 5-axis machining technique can help manufacturers to reduce many setups, which saves time and reduces the production cost.

Increase Accuracy

When using the 3-axis machine to making complicated part, operators need to reposition the part; it might lead to incorrect alignment. However, with 5-axis simultaneous machining, there is no need to do multiple setups, which significantly reduce the risk of operator error. 

Better Surface Finish

5-axis machining enables manufacturers to use the shorter cutting tool. They can lower the head and orient the cutter towards the surface with shorter cutting tools which can diminish the vibration for a quality finish. Thus, 5-axis machining can not only provide a better surface finish but also improve the tool life.

Expand Shop Capability

5-axis simultaneous machining is particularly effective in aerospace & defence, automotive and medical industries. The 5-axis machine offers the best machining accuracy, the shortest machining time, the maximum of productivity and increasing competitiveness. With 5-axis machining capability, manufacturers can produce parts with high-quality and provide the greatest benefit to the business 


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