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AXILE Machine Blog

Agile Smart Machining

Manufacturing Process

May 2021
Author: linchiang
Company: Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing Process

Insight into the real-time status of CNC machines is critical to efficient production. The Manufacturing Process application within AXILE’s ART™ intelligent monitoring system offers that all-important transparency. Data collection and analytics deliver critical information on the health and production schedule of each individual machine and vital internal components. With the right information — made accessible anywhere, anytime via mobile connectivity — the Manufacturing Process app empowers the whole team's decision-making, for more streamlined and profitable operations.

Machine Status

Prevention is better than a cure. Machine Status provides comprehensive insight into the health of connected machines, with color-coded, real-time status updates for quick and easy identification of normal operations and issues requiring attention, to avoid major breakdowns.

Utilization Rate Monitor

Unused machines sitting idle between jobs is a wasted opportunity. ART™’s Utilization Rate Monitor provides a detailed breakdown of each machine’s up-time and down-time, to empower machinists to optimize production scheduling and get the most out of their machines.

Data Analysis

Knowledge is power. The Data Analysis function collects real-time machine data and produces reports in a user-friendly format, to enable personnel to diagnose issues swiftly and optimize machining processes. Input categories include power, temperature, speed, vibration, and flow rate, covering components such as individual axes and the spindle.


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