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AXILE Machine Blog

Agile Smart Machining


April 2021
Author: ginahuang
Company: Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.

Here at the AXILE, we believe that saving energy is one of the best ways to protect the environment. To help manufacturers avoid waste and optimize energy usage, AXILE develops the ART™ Energy Management application that provides a round-the-clock monitoring function to track machine energy consumption and usage conditions. With real-time data and historical record, the management can adjust machine operations to optimize energy efficiency and lower waste. Meanwhile, AXILE agile 5-axis machines comply with ISO 14955 standard for the environmental evaluation of machine tools.


AXILE values the environment. Let’s make every day as EARTH DAY! Together, we can RESTORE OUR EARTH!


Come and visit AXILE 5-axis machines to know more about energy-saving information. sales@axilemachine.com


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