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AXILE Machine Blog

Agile Smart Machining

AXILE Virtual Showroom

March 2021
Author: linchiang
Company: Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
AXILE Virtual Showroom

Visit AXILE Virtual Showroom! AXILE presents agile 5-axis machines and intelligent solution here!



AXILE showcases:

G8 – Gantry type 5-axis VMC offers high precision finishing capacity

G6 – Gantry type 5-axis VMC for machining smaller workpieces requiring complex geometries

DC12 – Double-column type 5-axis VMC for machining heavy and bulky parts

V5X – C type 5-axis VMC features compact footprint

Digitalized Intelligent Automation – G6 RPC and G6 MPC with ART™ System


You can check our agile 5-axis vertical machining center and Digitalized Intelligent Automation at this virtual showroom. Come and have a look! If you want to know more about AXILE 5-axis machines, feel free to contact us via mail.

Here: sales@axilemachine.com

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