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Work from home with AXILE ART™ System

April 2020
Author: linchiang
Company: Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
Work from home with AXILE ART™ System

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many people forced into working from home. How to manage machines when manufacturers are staying at home? The solution is AXILE ART™ System, the smart monitoring system for manufacturers in the current situation.


The coronavirus has caused fundamental changes in the ways we work and live. AXILE ART™ System offers an innovative way for us to manage machines and factories with its flexibility and mobility which especially for this crucial time of working from home


AXILE ART™ System is a supportive system to manage 24/7 automated operation without unexpected downtime. It ensures the transparency of machine production status. When machine integrated with ART™ System, users can get clear machine information such as machine status, components diagnosis, lifetime estimation and power consumption, etc.. Furthermore, if the system is connected with users’ ERP or IT System, the automatic re-stocking and service arrangement can be done in advance without any hassle. With AXILE ART™ System, the managers who can do the remote checking anytime and anywhere, of course even at home. Take component diagnosis as an example, this function can identify machine abnormal status and send signal notice prior to machine damage, so the users can take any necessary action in advance to avoid downtime. This ensures machines to always work under the good condition without interruption.


The mobility of AXILE ART™ System which allows users to check machines status via PC, pad or smartphone. Therefore, if users are in a quarantine situation at home, they still can access machine information and manage the factory without any delay. It sounds great, isn’t it? 


Know more at www.axilemachine.com or contact AXILE sales team at sales@axilemachine.com for further detailed information. 


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