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Agile Smart Machining

【AXILE Knowledge】Add #Automation to your 5-axis machine!

September 2021
Author: linchiang
Company: Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
【AXILE Knowledge】Add #Automation to your 5-axis machine!

#Automation is becoming more common throughout the whole machining industry.

Since time is precious, whether to adopt “Intelligent Automation” on your five-axis machine is crucial!

With Digitalized Intelligent Automation from AXILE, you can cover all requirements while benefiting from maximum #efficiency, #flexibility, #productivity, and #cost effectiveness.

AXILE has always been very inventive when it comes to making work easier,

We offer advanced compensation technologies, monitoring systems, and automation solutions. In this case, it could make smart manufacturing reality on your shop floor

Meanwhile, our proprietary technologies provide real-time and remote updates for manufacturers to embrace automation with no unexpected down-time.

Using the OPC UA protocol and compatible with the Umati (universal machine technology interface) platform, AXILE’s digitalized intelligent automation solutions can be integrated into a whole ecosystem of third-party products, solutions, and systems.

Choosing #AXILE 5-axis machine with automation solution in your mind
The ideal system for every mechanical task!

※There are more to discover during @EMO Milano 2021

Visit at our booth-Hall 4 C12.
We presents AXILE G6 MPC & G8, the high-speed 5axis VMC to help manufacturers reach automation production!


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