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Horn Blog

Dr.-Eng. Masahiko Mori on the gear cutting campaign with HORN

November 2022
Author: paulhorn
Company: Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn GmbH
Dr.-Eng. Masahiko Mori on the gear cutting campaign with HORN

Hardly any other machine element combines as many technical disciplines in its production as the gear wheel. The interplay of mechanical engineering, control and drive technology has just as much of an effect here as manufacturing technology and precision tools, including cutting material development.

With the 5-axis capability of our universal machines and especially by integrating the technologies of turning, milling and even grinding, we have taken gear cutting out of the niche of the specialists. This gives all our customers another lucrative manufacturing option, ideally on automated machines. Both gear cutting and automation can often be retrofitted. 

Compared to specialised gear cutting processes, universal machining offers the constructive degree of freedom to produce countless types of gears in one clamping and on one machine. This saves investment costs, reduces internal transports and ultimately shortens throughput times and delivery times.

The use of task-oriented universal tools creates unrestricted freedom for our customers with regard to gear types and module ranges. Tooth and tooth root shape as well as gear size can be freely selected by our common customers within the process limits.

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