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Innovalia Metrology Blog

Discover our RENEW CMM PLAN

June 2021
Author: Innovalia Metrology
Company: Innovalia Metrology Munich
Discover our RENEW CMM PLAN

Take advantage of the opportunity and change your old coordinate measuring machine for a new one.

At Innovalia Metrology we want your measurement equipment to be updated and prepared so that you can optimize your production to the maximum. For this reason, we have devised this RENEW PLAN that will be in force until July 31. We will provide you with one of the best CMMs on the market with an exclusive 15% discount and we will also take your old CMM so that it does not take up space.

We will take care of everything, collect your old machine and provide you with the CMM that best suits your needs. In addition, our experts will advise you on which accessoriessoftware, and tools are best suited to your parts and measurement needs. Our service will provide you with the keys solutions to improve your productivity.

This is the perfect opportunity to go one step further and improve your equipment. Our last-generation CMMs provide fast measurement, with instant access to results to be able to modify any deviation in production, improving traceability and increasing analytical capacity.

Our CMMs are hybrid and can measure both by contact and by optical so that they generate a complete visualization of the parts in digital format. Therefore, you can virtually check if the manufacturing meets the specifications recorded in CAD.

After a time of uncertainty in which many industrial sectors have seen production reduced, the time has come to optimize processes and achieve excellence in manufacturing. If you were thinking of changing your old CMM, take advantage of our RENEW PLAN now.

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