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Innovalia Metrology Blog

“Metrology for zero-defect manufacturing” at Metromeet

February 2019
Author: REDAKTION-09
Company: Innovalia Metrology Munich
“Metrology for zero-defect manufacturing” at Metromeet

In the last edition of Metromeet, the International Conference of International Metrology, Toni Ventura, CEO of Datapixel opened the Conference with a special tutorial in which he spoke of the term “zero defects”.

The “Zero-Defects” idea has been around for many years now and one of the big mistakes is to believe that this concept pressures us to produce without waste, without emissions, without accidents, without losses, without unemployment … And beyond an idyllic production, Toni Ventura quoted Phil Crosby to explain a more realistic definition of “zero-defects”.

“An organization must work to achieve perfection at each stage of the process, quality must be caused not controlled“ and while the definition of quality must be defined by each organization, the quality system should be considered a method of prevention and not a final stage in the process that will help us determine if the quality of the production has been as good. The charismatic Toni Ventura pointed out that the industry has always seen metrology as an expensive process that does not add value, but it is in fact an essential part of the production process and part of the added value of a company: “The price of quality measurement is the price of nonconformity” Toni said.

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