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Innovalia Metrology Blog

M3 Hybrid: The complete Metrology solution that leads to intelligent manufacturing.

March 2018
Author: Innovalia Metrology
Company: Innovalia Metrology Munich
M3 Hybrid: The complete Metrology solution that leads to intelligent manufacturing.

M3 Hybrid, Innovalia Metrology’s star product, combines software and hardware to offer a complete measuring solution both in production lines and laboratories.

M3 Hybrid has simplified the point acquisition process thanks to the combination of two methods- 3D Scanner thanks to Optiscan and a touch probe sensor – with M3 Software, the multisensor metrology software that has changed the game by offering the option of digitalizing the full parts. M3 Software allows us to manage large amount of data and gives us access to the metrological information from any device and at any time.

With more than 60,000 points captured per second, Innovalia Metrology's proposal surpasses in speed, precision and adaptability to the other market proposals. The M3 Hybrid integration in the production processes leads to intelligent manufacturing, zero manufacturing defects and allows control at all times the performance and reliability of our production processes.

M3 Hybrid is not only the result of years of experience and innovation, it is the opportunity to simplify the measurement processes (NIST Certified). The results we get by incorporating M3 Hybrid (an Optiscan and M3 Software) to a CMM is already turning heads. The great integration between M3 Software and Optiscan is already reducing the production times in a 30%.

From our Charlotte NC facilities and with referral deployments on both coasts, Innovalia Metrology guides its customers on the road to intelligent metrology with two very attractive proposals: a full M3 Hybrid integration, meaning CMM, Optiscan and M3 Software, or the integration of an Optiscan and M3 Software in the client’s CMM.


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