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MSI and Innovalia Metrology become technological partners to improve the quality of the racing cars

March 2019
Author: Innovalia Metrology
Company: Innovalia Metrology Munich
MSI and Innovalia Metrology become technological partners to improve the quality of the racing cars

Last Friday, the MSI center and Innovalia Metrology signed a collaboration agreement that has turned the Basque metrology company the unique metrology and quality solutions supplier for the center.

The Motor & Sport Institute (MSI) and Innovalia Metrology, leading company in the sector in metrological solutions, announce their new collaboration agreement in the Technology Park of this unique center that brings together university education and cutting-edge competition car manufacturing technology in addition to preparation physics of athletes in its more than 15,000 square meters.

One of the great assets of the MSI is the latest technology that the center keeps inside its 2500 m2 park at the disposal of practical academic training and competition teams. In these facilities, Innovalia Metrology has installed its revolutionary Duplex System measuring machine to measure large parts, this CMM is equipped with the latest version of its M3 software, as well as another series of dimensional control solution allowing full quality assistance throughout the entire cycle of quality in racing cars.

This way, Innovalia Metrology is giving MSI full access to the best industrial measurement technology with the aim of becoming the unique provider of metrology solutions for the center and enabling its leading teaching activity. The implantation of the metrological technology of the Basque company in the MSI will allow the future talents of the Industry to be trained in the most advanced quality management technology. The MSI is positioned as a subscriber and active support of digitization technology on the road to intelligent manufacturing.

Innovalia Metrology systems and metrology solutions are designed to provide our customers with a guarantee of measurement accuracy for parts and components that are vital to the manufacturing process, and to enable the achievement of higher levels of productivity and efficiency in production processes. Innovalia Metrology is a strategic alliance between Trimek, Datapixel and Unimetrik – three Innovalia Group companies that have joined forces to offer our customers with best-in-class metrology solutions. Innovalia Metrology offers metrology solutions that integrate traditional metrology with the latest technological developments, from laboratories to production lines.

With this agreement, both firms hope to improve both the training of future automotive engineers who are being trained in the center, and to achieve greater reliability of the cars of the team.

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