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Innovalia Metrology Blog

M3MH | Revolution 4.0 in MH

January 2020
Author: Innovalia Metrology
Company: Innovalia Metrology Munich
M3MH | Revolution 4.0 in MH

What machinist does not dream of having advanced measurement capabilities included in their machine? 

Innovalia Metrology makes it possible with M3MH, a measurement software that allows verifying, to set up and to measure in a very easy way. Innovalia Metrology, with M3MH, establish a direct communication with the machine tool control from the measurement software itself.

M3MH is breaking the current paradigm of charging functions and offers a complete measurement software that allows the user to control the machine tool from a computer. From M3MH, the software with an intuitive graphical interface, the user can perform all the functions of a complete measurement software.

Apart from doing the verification and the set-up, MM3H offers complete measuring capabilities including CAD programming, automated measurement plans, alignments, tool offset and customized reports. M3MH allows us to do off-line programming, connect with the machine control and communicate the commands to carry out the programmed measurement plan. By performing such a complete quality management during the process, the feedback is immediate and makes the continuous adjustment of production possible. 

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