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Innovalia Metrology Blog

Innovalia Metrology exposes its most innovative metrological solutions around M3 at Control 2018.

April 2018
Author: Innovalia Metrology
Company: Innovalia Metrology Munich
Innovalia Metrology exposes its most innovative metrological solutions around M3 at Control 2018.

Innovalia Metrology invites you to the 32nd edition of the Control in Stuttgart to make the leap towards Metrology 4.0 solutions within the M3 experience. M3MH, the only metrology solution that allows us to talk about Intelligent manufacturing, IoT and Big Data. The assistants will know a new method of management of much more advanced quality with a technological projection that allows to speak of digitalization in all the industrial processes.

Innovalia Metrology will exhibit in its stand (5120) the M3 Hybrid M3MH, solution through a visual demo. M3 hybrid is the metrology solution of the Basque company that is contributing in a crucial way to discover the importance of metrology on the way to Industry 4.0. M3 Hydrid simplifies the process of acquisition of points and measurement by combining two capture methods: 3D scanner without contact thanks to Optiscan and scanning system with which we can work in the same workflow.

In addition, you can know M3 Analytics M3MH, one of the latest bets and aimed at improving the production process. M3 Analytics is a universal software that helps to analyze and optimize the production capabilities based on the measurements of the pieces in a simple and complete way. Who would not like to analyze and improve production based on the quality data of the pieces?

The positioning of Innovalia Metrology as a driver of quality and innovation every year extends to more countries and augurs a promising future for the brand. Enjoy the M3 experience at the Control fair!


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