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vectorcam Blog

Changes in 3D Milling – Adoption of selected elements

July 2016
Author: M_Goetz
Company: vectorcam GmbH
Changes in 3D Milling – Adoption of selected elements

During the last few months we made some small modifications in the module 3D Milling. This included the introduction of a new selection method (allocation of the geometry directly from the function). With this new selection method it wasn´t possible anylonger to adopt the geometry data like Z-starting height and Z-total depth automatically into the dialogue box like it was possible before. That has been changed.

If the user select the geometries before calling the function, the program tries to allocate the elements (machining surface, raw part, boundary) automatically. The values for Z-starting height and Z-total depth will be entered as well in the appropriate fields of the dialogue box.

The same functionality for the selection and the adoption is also available for Z-constant Finishing and constant depth of roughness.

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