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vectorcam Blog

New on youtube: 5 axis milling with vectorcam

November 2014
Author: M_Goetz
Company: vectorcam GmbH
New on youtube: 5 axis milling with vectorcam

After presenting our “before/afterwards” example here on our blog we would like to present our news in the area of 5 axis simultaneous milling.

As an extension for milling we introduced the new 5 axis simultaneous milling some weeks ago. Therefore, the multiple approved 5 axis simultaneous milling, made by ModuleWorks, has been integrated into vectorcam. This module is characterised by a longtime experience and various possibilities.

There are different functions available:

  • 5axis roughing
  • 5 axis finishing
  • 5 axis hobbing (SWARF)
  • etc.

On youtube you can now find some new videos under the following link:


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