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vectorcam Blog

Extension of the dialogue 'job data' in vectorcam 2016

January 2016
Author: M_Goetz
Company: vectorcam GmbH
Extension of the dialogue 'job data' in vectorcam 2016
For entering different and partly extensive data and instructions we use different dialogue boxes in our software. These dialogue boxes facilitate the entry of information into the program and speed up the programming of CNC processes. 
In vectorcam 2016, the dialogue 'job data' in the dialogue boxes for the CNC processing has been extended. The additional button 'edit tool' opens the dialogue for tool definition directly. The tool-number (T-Nr.), the radius compensation- (D) and the length correction (L) can be defined directly in the dialogue as well. The used tool holder is also displayed for your information. With the new dialogue boxes we have been able to optimize some of the work steps and to reduce the processing time.


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