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vectorcam Blog

Fully automated Laser cutting with the function „Auto-Laser“

February 2016
Author: M_Goetz
Company: vectorcam GmbH
Fully automated Laser cutting with the function „Auto-Laser“

The function “Auto-Laser” enables the production of an entire CNC program for a CNC cutting process for a complete plate that should be cut. For the cutting processes vectorcam provides different programming options for the user to reach a result in just a few steps and in a very short time.

The particular contours can be drawn in vectorcam or they can be imported via different interfaces like DXF, STEP, IGES etc. The sequence of the contours or the direction of the selection doesn`t matter in this case. The function “Auto-Laser” merges and reorganizes the contours defined by the user. Inner and outer contours will be recognized automatically. That allows a correct generation of contour approach and depart.

For the contour approach and depart the software offers diverse forms and options (with/without stop point and distance, form and radius of approach and depart).

To get an efficient machining sequence with short traveling distances the user has different options for sorting (forked, optimal way, horizontal, vertical, clockwise, anticlockwise). The result of the function is a finished CNC program for all contours on the plate.

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