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vectorcam Blog

Milling profile contours

July 2016
Author: M_Goetz
Company: vectorcam GmbH
Milling profile contours

Our module 2D / 2.5D Milling enables a very simple and uncomplicated way to calculate CNC milling and drilling paths, based on 2D-contours / geometries. For an optimal construction, vectorcam provides a variety of machining strategies. One of these strategies is the function for milling a profile contour.

Any profiles can be edited with a ball end mill within the function “profile contour”. Undercuts will be eliminated automatically. Standard profile forms are a S-profile or a linear wall under an angle. Any other profile forms will be simply drawn in the CAD-part of vectorcam.

All tool paths are Z-constant. The tool compensation will be calculated 3-dimensional. The parameter “max. scallop high“ provides a clean surface. Here, the user can declare the favored surface quality. Hence, vectorcam calculates necessary steps for the selected tool automatically.

The 3D-removal simulation shows the machining of the work piece with the defined tools. For different views vectorcam offers many possibilities to choose so that the user can see the whole kinematic motion sequence of the cnc machine including work piece, raw part etc.

Some weeks ago we published a video-tutorial on our youtube channel. In this tutorial we explain the machining strategy profile contour XZ-curve. You can find the video-tutorial here (the video is just available in german).

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