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vectorcam Blog

Trade fair preview vectorcam GmbH, Paderborn

September 2016
Author: M_Goetz
Company: vectorcam GmbH
Trade fair preview vectorcam GmbH, Paderborn

In a few months the AMB exhibition takes place (13th -17th of September) in Stuttgart where the CAD/CAM specialist vectorcam will present its software vectorcam 2016 with more than 200 new available functions and some machining strategies, that have been improved.

One of the tools, that have been improved is the drill assistant that got a fundamental renewal. This assistant supports the user with the complete definition of drill operations. After starting the assistant, a dialogue box appears with necessary information like strategies for the production of drill holes or the current strategies with the automatically selected tool etc. The user can see the latest state of the definition at any time and is able to enter individual data. The user is supported by extensive predefined and adaptable hole tables and different information about core diameter of various thread types, diameter and depths for sinking of screw heads and many more.

Users can also benefit from modifications in the area of 3d milling. One of these modifications is the new helical feed motion which users can choose instead of a constant Z stepdown. This processing method protects the particular tools and saves approaches and departs. Furthermore, there are some modifications of constant Z-roughing. Next to the proven contour-parallel milling paths, the calculation of X-parallel milling paths is also available now. Moreover, it is possible to define an additional fast feed, which enables a safe and fast return movement to the next milling level.

The machine simulation has also been revised and is faster than before. All calculations are running more quickly so that results can be shown faster when skipping single jobs. At the same time, the new ribbon toolbar provides a more comfortable handling. Another advantage: The current state of the manufactured work piece can be saved without any problems and it can be used again for further calculations in vectorcam. The raw parts can be transferred to the simulation in any form.

The new vectorcam provides many new milling options, features and tools (for example taper milling tool) as well as improved views and dialogue boxes. You can get an even better impression of our software and the different improvements during the AMB in Stuttgart, Hall 4, Stand 4B24.

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