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vectorcam Blog

Turning – manually done before, today fully automated with vectorcam

October 2014
Author: M_Goetz
Company: vectorcam GmbH
Turning – manually done before, today fully automated with vectorcam

Turning and millturning is increasingly important in the area of metalworking. Today, modern turning machines and the appropriate software are responsible for the machining processes. But in previous centuries, the turner had to operate the lathe manually.

The beginning of turning

The origins of the beginning go back to the builder Daidalos, who was supposed to invent the first lathe with cord. In the thirteenth century, turner used so-called luffing lathes, which were operated manually by the turner. In the seventeenth century the luffing lathes were taken over by lathes with crank drive. This was followed by engine lathes, which were procured in Germany at the beginning of the nineteenth century for the first time.

Turning today

The first NC turning machine was developed in the middle of the twentieth century. The computer followed some years later. Today’s CNC turning machines are controlled by a software which finally looks like this:


Our software vectorcam provides the module turning/millturning for a fast and simple programming of turning machines and unifies any available turning-, drilling- and milling operations into one unity. This allows the combination of any functions. Consequently, there is a high number of applications for multi-axial simultaneous working mill-turning machines. Postprocessors, which are optimally accommodated to vectorcam and to the CNC control, deliver the CNC program for different mill-turning machines.

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